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Group rules and F.A.Q

Anyone who is interested in the game can join as Members! :D

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Didnapper?

Didnapper is a bondage/damsel in distress RPG made in RPG Maker XP by Kendrian and co. The game is about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.

Does it cost money?

Didnapper 1 is completely FREE and will always remain that way!

Bonds is available for 12.50$ at

Didnapper 2 is currently in development!

Where can I play it?

You can download Didnapper for free from this link… Don't forget to read the installation guide if you are new to RPG Maker games!

When is the next Didnapper update?

We're not planning any official updates to Didnapper, as we are a bit busy with our next DID game projects, but you can check out some fan-made Didnapper mods in the Discord group.

I have some more questions regarding Didnapper and/or some of your other games. How do I contact the creators?

If we don't have time to reply to your question on this page, your best bet is to join our Discord chat which is open for anyone: :) Ask for Kendrian if he's available. Otherwise, you can try asking one of the moderators.

Will you be making more games like Didnapper?

Yes! We have just released Bonds, a VN-style DID game which is smaller than Didnapper, but still worth checking out! We have released a free public demo which should give a fair idea of what the full game will be like :)

It's currently available at which is where you can also find the FREE DEMO! :D We will try to get it to more platforms soon as well!

We're also in the planning stages for a Didnapper 2. While not a direct sequel, it is a DID RPG game, it takes place in the same universe as Didnapper 1, and it does feature some of the same characters, though with a new main cast.

Is there any way to support the creators?

Yes, DID Games has a Patreon at where you can donate, and in return get perks such as access to beta testing and early access.
If you like our games, public endorsements and spreading the word in other DID communities also helps a lot, since it makes people more aware of our work!

Otherwise, just contact either Kendrian or BingBingBing/TehWatchfolProtecter!

Gallery Folders

Full version of Bonds available (PC and Mac) by Kendrian
Bonds: Robin and Alicia by LostOneZero by Kendrian

Mature Content

Bonds Demo Available! by Kendrian
1.7: COMING SOON by Animluster
Didnapper Fan Art and Fanfics
Rebecca and Evelyn by Zoudai
Rebecca and Evelyn variant by Zoudai

Mature Content

Athena Portrait by Ghirahimdorf

Mature Content

Suki Portrait by Ghirahimdorf
Bonds Fan Art and Fanfics
Bonds Epilogue by hinewguy
Bonds: Robin and Alicia by LostOneZero by Kendrian
Official Bonds art
Full version of Bonds available (PC and Mac) by Kendrian

Mature Content

Bonds Demo Available! by Kendrian
Bonds Preview by Kendrian
Official Didnapper art
Suki Walks the Plank by Kendrian

Mature Content

Dyrad Damsel by Mwatiki

Mature Content

Succubus Damsel by Mwatiki

Mature Content

(Easter) Bunny Damsel by Mwatiki
Screenshots and Manips
Lady Kristyna by 777ero
Elda by 777ero
Suki rescues Elvina 1 by loveur1
Suki rescues Cherissa by loveur1
Didnapper 1.7 Promo by Kendrian

Mature Content

Group Info

Didnapper is a free RPG Maker XP game about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.
This is a group where we can submit and feature Didnapper artwork, share information and discuss matters related to the game.
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Hey guys, and happy new year! Hope you've all enjoyed the holidays!

Bonds v1.2 update

The v1.2 update for Bonds was a bit delayed, but it is here now! I've added it to the purchase/download page, and you can find instructions on how to update your game there as well.

As for what's new in the update:
  • Added the much requested "Chapter Selection" feature where you can replay certain chapters
  • Added new item colors to Session:
    • Black tube top
    • Red tape
    • Black cloth bindings
  • Made some small additions to the special commission tier requests
  • Improved preloading for Session, slightly reducing lag when changing clothes
  • Fixed brown cloth bindings being listed as both bought and not bought at the same time
  • Fixed wrong variant of the ambush CG being displayed in Gallery
  • Fixed some HUD elements fading out for half a second when clicking on something

Bonds: Chapter selection by Kendrian

Android version of Bonds

I have also been trying to put together a stable Android version of Bonds, and I have now succeeded in making a version that runs okay, but that still has a few issues. The issues are that sounds and music load incredibly slowly, and HUD elements like bars and descriptive text refuse to show up. I do not wish to sell an Android version of the game until I am able to fix these issues, but I will consider putting together an Android version of the free demo that people can try if they want to.

The Didnapper 2 dev member recruitment

Lastly I will mention again that we have filled the previously announced new position in our development group for Didnapper 2. There were a ton of candidates to choose from, which made it a hard choice, but we really appreciate the enthusiasm! :)

I would like to thank everyone who has purchased Bonds, since the revenue from those sales (along with the support from our awesome Patrons) has enabled us to already start working actively on Didnapper 2. We really couldn't have done this without you guys ^_^

Speaking of Didnapper 2, I should probably get back to working on the battle system for it.
Later! :)
The full version of Bonds is now available on along with an updated free demo!

You can find them both here

Compared to the demo we released earlier, here are some of the features exclusive to the full version of Bonds:

Around an hour of story content with several full DID CGs and various choices to shape the story (and ending).
Screenshot 3 by Kendrian

More available options and features in Session mode, including all three characters, being able to earn money for more things to choose from, chatting with the "captives" etc:
Screenshot 1 by Kendrian
Screenshot 2 by Kendrian

We will most likely add a few more features in upcoming updates, generally whichever feasible features are most requested. We will also work on getting the game available on mobile devices as soon as we can!
We're excited to have finally made the full version of the game public, and we really hope you will enjoy it! :)

If you try out the game, please let us know what you think about it!
Also, should you have any technical issues with the game, also let us know so we can look into it as soon as possible :)

(Update: v1.1 is now available. It contains some bug fixes as well as a few new items in Session.)
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does Bonds have any sequel?
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Depends a bit on the RPG Maker engine.
For RPG Maker XP games it's usually Alt+Enter
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crictic Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2017
help! i finished game recently but my save file was broken.can you upload 100% save file?
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Hi I recently downloaded didnapper for Android with rpg xp the game works but i can not save the game what i have to do?
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Are you still having problems saving?
drafter22 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2017
Hi I recently downloaded didnapper for Android with rpg xp the game works but i can not save the game what i have to do?
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After doing the slaver camp. If you get kidnapped and miss a whole lot of the arrow key thing, for some reason the guard doesnt check up on you anymore. And this happens everywhere
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Guys, what stuff did i miss?

12345 by EaredHobgoblin
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I can't get the android version to open. When I press on the title, the screen turns blank and it shows the name(in a tiny grey bar), but then it goes back to the RPG App menu. Am I supposed to have a Neko RPG XP account?
alienforcefan Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2017
Never mind.
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Join the discord, there are way more updates and fun stuff there.
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Hi i have a question, why in the v1.8 did you remove the option "position" in the private cell? or how can i unlock it?
JC-DiD Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Only Suki has artwork for different positions.  So I believe you can still do so if Suki is in the PC as the captive.
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