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Group rules and F.A.Q

Anyone who is interested in the game can join as Members! :D

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Didnapper?

Didnapper is a bondage/damsel in distress RPG made in RPG Maker XP by Kendrian and co. The game is about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.

Does it cost money?

Didnapper 1 is completely FREE and will always remain that way!

Bonds is available for 12.50$ at (You can also find a free demo there)

Didnapper 2 is currently in development! Like Bonds it is planned to have a free demo while the finished full game will not be free.

Where can I play it?

You can download Didnapper for free from this link… Don't forget to read the installation guide if you are new to RPG Maker games!

When is the next Didnapper update?

We're not planning any official updates to Didnapper, as we are a bit busy with our next DID game projects, but you can check out some fan-made Didnapper mods in the Discord group.

I have some more questions regarding Didnapper and/or some of your other games. How do I contact the creators?

If we don't have time to reply to your question on this page, your best bet is to join our Discord chat which is open for anyone: :) Ask for Kendrian if he's available. Otherwise, you can try asking one of the moderators.

Will you be making more games like Didnapper?

Yes! We have just released Bonds, a VN-style DID game which is smaller than Didnapper, but still worth checking out! We have released a free public demo which should give a fair idea of what the full game will be like :)

It's currently available at which is where you can also find the FREE DEMO! :D We will try to get it to more platforms soon as well!

We're also in the planning stages for a Didnapper 2. While not a direct sequel, it is a DID RPG game, it takes place in the same universe as Didnapper 1, and it does feature some of the same characters, though with a new main cast.

Is there any way to support the creators?

Yes, DID Games has a Patreon at where you can donate, and in return get perks such as access to beta testing and early access.
If you like our games, public endorsements and spreading the word in other DID communities also helps a lot, since it makes people more aware of our work!

Otherwise, just contact either Kendrian or BingBingBing/TehWatchfolProtecter!

Gallery Folders

Full version of Bonds available (PC and Mac) by Kendrian
Bonds: Robin and Alicia by LostOneZero by Kendrian

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Didnapper Fan Art and Fanfics

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Bonds Fan Art and Fanfics
Happy birthday Kendrian ! by Ldraw

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Side Project - Bonds Photoshoot by ryuumi20
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Bonds: Robin and Alicia by LostOneZero by Kendrian
Official Bonds art
Full version of Bonds available (PC and Mac) by Kendrian

Mature Content

Bonds Demo Available! by Kendrian
Bonds Preview by Kendrian
Official Didnapper art
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Screenshots and Manips
Ayano by 777ero
Layla by 777ero
Captain Marcia by 777ero

Mature Content

Captain Pirate Dariana by 777ero
Didnapper 1.7 Promo by Kendrian

Mature Content

Group Info

Didnapper is a free RPG Maker XP game about a princess who is betrayed and ends up working for a kidnapping guild.
This is a group where we can submit and feature Didnapper artwork, share information and discuss matters related to the game.
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Apr 22, 2013


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655 Members
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Newest Members

Didnapper 2 Alpha testing has begun, and the download links + instructions have been posted on Patreon for those who qualify ($15 tier and up). The test features the game's prologue chapter, and once the testing is over, and we feel it is ready to meet the public eye, it will be released to the public for free.

Happy testing!

Seles is bae by Kendrian
Hey guys, and happy new year! Hope you've all enjoyed the holidays!

Bonds v1.2 update

The v1.2 update for Bonds was a bit delayed, but it is here now! I've added it to the purchase/download page, and you can find instructions on how to update your game there as well.

As for what's new in the update:
  • Added the much requested "Chapter Selection" feature where you can replay certain chapters
  • Added new item colors to Session:
    • Black tube top
    • Red tape
    • Black cloth bindings
  • Made some small additions to the special commission tier requests
  • Improved preloading for Session, slightly reducing lag when changing clothes
  • Fixed brown cloth bindings being listed as both bought and not bought at the same time
  • Fixed wrong variant of the ambush CG being displayed in Gallery
  • Fixed some HUD elements fading out for half a second when clicking on something

Bonds: Chapter selection by Kendrian

Android version of Bonds

I have also been trying to put together a stable Android version of Bonds, and I have now succeeded in making a version that runs okay, but that still has a few issues. The issues are that sounds and music load incredibly slowly, and HUD elements like bars and descriptive text refuse to show up. I do not wish to sell an Android version of the game until I am able to fix these issues, but I will consider putting together an Android version of the free demo that people can try if they want to.

The Didnapper 2 dev member recruitment

Lastly I will mention again that we have filled the previously announced new position in our development group for Didnapper 2. There were a ton of candidates to choose from, which made it a hard choice, but we really appreciate the enthusiasm! :)

I would like to thank everyone who has purchased Bonds, since the revenue from those sales (along with the support from our awesome Patrons) has enabled us to already start working actively on Didnapper 2. We really couldn't have done this without you guys ^_^

Speaking of Didnapper 2, I should probably get back to working on the battle system for it.
Later! :)
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deathtorainbows Featured By Owner 5 days ago
I really have to ask since it has been on my mind for a while. Was it awkward when you got your voice actors for Bonds. I know voice actors are professional and all but I can't imagine if it was...difficult for you guys. I mean was it strange for you to hire them and say, "So this is what we're doing and here are your lines and...yeah."? Hell I don't even know if you actually gagged them or not. I'm sure they didn't say anything about it, since they are professionals and all, but i'm sure they we're at least a little curious or a little bit surprised.

Maybe it's just my lack of social skills, or the fact that I am really shy, because if it was me I don't think I would have been able to make eye contact or even speak without stuttering.
Kendrian Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We only ever communicated with the voice actors over the internet through text, so there wasn't really any eye contact involved.
We first set up an open casting call where we described the roles we were casting for and what "lines" we wanted the voice actors to do, which was of course mostly gagtalk.
The place we used was specifically dedicated to hiring voice actors, and after we set up the casting call, several actors sent us auditions.
After we chose the actors we thought were best for the roles, we sent each of them a document with all of their "lines" put in context, as well as notes on how we'd like the sound, for example that we'd prefer a "neutral" gag sound that could fit for most gags, which is the one you get from a closed/covered mouth. One actor said she covered her mouth with a scarf to get into the role, but I think the other two used their hand or just closed their mouth.
As for awkwardness, at least one of the actors we chose had acted for way weirder stuff before, and from what the actors said they mainly just found it a fun change from what they usually do, among other things in how it wasn't about reading lines, but more about expressing themselves without using words.
Overall it was pretty fun, and they said to ask them again if we needed more in the future.
deathtorainbows Featured By Owner 4 days ago
hmm...I feel kind of dumb right now. It actually makes sense that in this modern age such things can be done through the internet. 

On a side note, it's good to hear that the voice actors had some fun doing this kind of work especially considering how certain people can find such things a bit strange.

Anyway, considering how well it all sounded in the end you can really tell they put in a lot of effort and that they were really into it which, in my opinion,  added to the whole experience.

Thanks for answering what I just realized is a stupid question.
kevinbean111 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry if this has been asked or is available somewhere but is the normal battle theme for Didnapper 1.8.1 an arrangement of another theme or is it an original piece. And if it is an arrangement, what is the name of the music it's based on? Thank you!
Evo-BSM Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Euhm i dont know if its only me or if its already mentioned.( If so sorry ) but there seems to be a few issues with the mobile version of didnapper 1.8.1 euhm i run it on rpg xp. When going to "your cell" (where carol comes in to tease you a bit) only gags and blindfolds are showing. Just to let you know ;) its not a disaster. But ghost's aren't really my thing XD
ShinobiDigidestined Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2018
Anyone out there interested in role playing on Discord? It's been two months since I've role played at all and I swear I'm going through withdrawal symptoms. There's a permanent server invite on my gallery.
123soccer123 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 5, 2018
Is there a way to turn the music volume down in Didnapper. It overwhelms the other sounds in the game that would be nice to hear clearer (i.e. the girls being subdued). Love both games this group promotes btw!
Bondomunk Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018
I have a problem with the android version of Didnapper. There seems to be an opacity issue where I cannot see certain things or certain things don't layer. For example, in the very beginning scene were Suki and another girl are tied up in the cells, the pillows go through their heads. I can also not see virtually anything in the private cell except a poorly rendered gag. Everything else works, but certain parts of the game do not seem to work properly on my phone. 
Kendrian Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's mainly an issue with the emulator, which I sadly can't really do anything about :/
Daikinbakuju Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Why was Bonds sold as "18+"/"X-Rated" in DLsite?

Is it due to the site's policy, even if there are no nudity/sex in the game?
Are are you playing it safe?
Kendrian Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I registered it as R-15 to play it safe because of according to their guidelines it has "Sexual imagery: mild sexual expressions, exposed [...] buttocks (general)."
But since it underwent two layers of reviews after that, I assume they must have upped it to 18 for some reason on the Japanese DLsite, possibly because of the girl on girl aspect, idk.
They may rate it differently on the English site when it's gone through review there. 
Daikinbakuju Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Regardless, PayPal won't let me buy anything there even if it's rated R-15.
G-rated only.

I think there was a way to accumulate points and then using those points to by R-18 stuff.
I really, really wanna support all these creators by buying their products.

I still don't know how my Nanoha dojin got a G-rating, even though it has loli bondage as a focus.
SweetRainney Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
i wanted to share idea with you about the first game you make
frisil Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2018
Just bought Bonds and played thru it using a virtual box with win7 on my Linux system. Worked, but there was a lot of lag and the game crashed from time to time in the sessions and about 3 times in story mode (not rersponding to clicks anymore). Could we get a native Linux Version for DIDnapper2? That would be great.
BTF, to leave some feedback: I enjoyed Bonds but it was not as great as didnapper imho. I don't know why, but doing all the comissions felt repetitive after some time, which never happened with the stuff in didnapper (escaping and private cell never felt boring). Still a great game. By they way, what's up with the yellow socks? They cost $200, is there something special about them? I think I saw a special request for somebody wearing yellow socks but unfortunately accidentally clicked decline and it was gone and never came back up again. Did I miss something?

Oh, by the way: If you ever intend to make a German version of one of your games I would offer my help as a translator. Being a novel writer myself (at the moment I'm working on a SciFi/Cyberpunk novel side-project with a lot of DID and bondage stuff (actually inspired by DIDnapper, I thought when a game centered about bondage could work this well, why not try it with a SciFi novel?)) I think I know a few things about writing and could make a German translation that goes beyond just getting the meaning across.
Ratmeme Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2018  New Deviant
So I just bought Bonds, and for some odd reason when I boot it up I get the message: "The SRD_SuperToolsEngine is required for using the SRD_HUDmaker plugin". After looking in the files for a couple minutes I found out that I do indeed have SuperToolsEngine located in
Bonds v1.2/www/js/plugins. I'm completely lost on what to do and any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kendrian Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is the first I've heard of this issue. The SRD_SuperToolsEngine is a master plugin which lays the groundwork for showing the dynamic parts of the game's interface. If the game is saying it can't find it despite it being located in the folder you mentioned, that indicates that the game either can't read the file, or for some reason that particular plugin is turned off in the game's plugin settings.

First piece of advice would be to download the game again and make sure it is extracted properly without any file corruption.
If that doesn't help, I would go to the Bonds v1.2/www/js/ folder and open the plugins.js file. In it there should be a line starting with {"name":"SRD_SuperToolsEngine","status": and then either true or false. If it's set to false, then that is the problem. changing it to true and saving the file should then fix the problem.

Let me know if any of this was of help to you!

Ratmeme Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2018  New Deviant
I re-downloaded the game again and weirdly enough when I looked in plugins.js the SRD_SuperToolsEngine was set to true and still displayed the message from before when booted up. I'm gonna keep trying different things and hopefully it works. Thanks a ton for the advice though.
MrZang101 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Hey, just been trying to join the discord, but I seem to be having trouble. It says the link is invalid or expired?
RunicSummoner Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2018
They have let it expire/cancelled it at some point, and haven't made the effort to bring it back up.

Nothing to be done unless someone over there feels like making a new link.
TehWatchfolProtecter Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
Well, you wouldn't know if it works since you're banned.
MrZang101 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
Ah, thank you for the reply, I was wondering why it hadn't been working.
TehWatchfolProtecter Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018
I don't know where you're looking. Link in FAQ works just fine.
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wf200301 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017
does Bonds have any sequel?
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